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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 28, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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you.cnñ> >> sean: whether it is an opportunity to score cheap political points the obama administration is never far behind it appears the controversy over arizona's new immigration about to become a prime target of the president. like other opponents of the bill the president is doing his part to spread outrageous claims about the legislation. look at the irresponsible comments he made in iowa. >> the president: you can try to make it tough on people who look like they "might be illegal immigrants" one of the things that the saw says is local officials are loud to ask somebody -- are allowed to ask somebody who they have a suspicion might be an illegal immigrant for their papers. now suddenly if you don't have papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you're gonna be harrassed.
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that's something that could happen. that's not the right way to go. >> sean: clearly the president has not read the bill. the only way that person at the ice cream shop could be asked for their papers if they were arrested while robbing the shop. the law states authorities must have "legal contact before proof of citizenship is requested." of course the anointed one didn't bother telling the audience about that maybe all of this stems from the fact that the administration has no answers on securing our borders. they can't even answer simple questions about the subject. wait until you see this. >> would you say sigh, that the arizona border is secure? >> if i were asked that question now in this position -- first of all it is an unfair question that's why -- >> if that is an unfair question and millions of people in the united states and arizona if it is unfair to ask a simple question, is the border secure? then we are never going to have the confidence to get it
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secure, because it is a fair question. i'll give you my answer. i don't think it is. >> sean: amazing the former governor of arizona is not able to answer that question truthfully. here with the reaction on the latest michelle malkin and immigration attorney francisco hernandez. welcome both of you. francisco, let's go right to this question i think it is a simple, straightforward question would you certify that the arizona board secure? do you think that's an unfair question? >> not being a security expert, i would say it is secure from terrorists with we which is what we are trying to talk about. if we are talking about immigration we put millions of dollars on the wall and billions on -- >> sean: you are not answering the question. >> now we are admitting it didn't work. secure from infiltration from undocumented immigration, probably not secure. >> sean: if it is not secure, if people could enter this
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country any time they wish that means drug dealers, -- wait a minute if people can enter illegally that means drug dealers can enter the country. potentially people that want to bring harm to the american people and criminals. that means they can enter the country. is that true? >> but the drug dealers don't carry the drugs across the desert they have tunnels and planes and cars that do it. >> sean: you're wrong. sir, francisco, i was there where border patrol agents actually housed the drugs they confiscated over the years. >> and unfortunately, we had border patrol agents that are conspireing with the drug traffickers. >> sean: i think this is a simple question michelle. are our borders secure? i don't thinkpí that's and fair question. the answer is no it is not an unfair question, michelle? >> no, the answer is actually hell, no, pardon my french.
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i think with all due respect that francisco is delusional if he thinks the border is secure from terrorists as he said. we are no more secure from terrorists on the southern or northern borders than we were september 11th, 2001. the point is we are unable to sift through who is here merely to do harm or merely to do the work so-called that other americans won't do, which in itself is a big myth. i think the fact is, as we've seen this entire debate unfold with regard to arizona immigration enforcement law, there are two kinds of public figures. there are people who pay lip service to border security and immigration enforcement. and there are people who step up and do the brave thing, despite the villification that is the arizona state legislature and the gop governor jan brewer and i thank them for that. i have no love for janet
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napolitano or lindsey graham, frankly. i'm very sick not only at the demagoguery on the left and by the country of mexico and the government there, but also by a lot of johnny come latelies, including john mccain and lindsey graham who are finally understanding the gravity of the situation down there. and now paying lip service to save their own jobs! >> i agree throw the bums out. we are letting the tail wag the dog. we are letting arizona screaming for federal government action for their failure under the republican administration, and the democratic administration, they've failed to do it. this is an economic issue. >> francisco, the evenly screaming i see from those open border activists who are smearing things on the state capital, an cuing the good people of arizona -- accusing the good people of arizona of being akin to hitler, fascists
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and a police state. as i pointed out today, i think there's rank hypocrisy on the part of mexican officials accusing americans of being part of a police state. when the immigration policies in mexico are far more draconian when they treat illegal aliens when they are in arizona than anywhere else in america. >> you bet and thank goodness we live in the united states. >> i'm glad to hear that i hope you condemn that demagoguery as much as i do francisco. >> sean: hang on a second. let me advance a debate. president used this example of somebody that would go into an ice cream shop and be harrassed. if you read the bill, it's impossible. clearly the president hasn't, because the bill very specifically states, as i pointed out, that there must be prior legal contact. meaning there had to be some other law that were broken before one's immigration cus could be question ed by --
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immigration cus could be questioned by the police department. so the president what he said to the american people in iowa in this town hall was inaccurate and untrue. you agree? >> i agree. what he should have said is what my enforcement agent friends call it when local authorities try to enforce federal laws they do a moad address, mexicans out after dark. what is happening you get a pretense offense he was speeding because you want to pull him over. >> sean: abuse of law or law enforcement is a separate issue. here's my question, with we have millions of people -- francis co-, with we have millions of people that have not respected american law, everyone sovereignty wreaking havoc on states on our health care, hospitals that have to close on our educational system, our criminal justice
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system. you can't disagree with the facts. if people do not respect our laws or sovereignty, do you have a problem arresting them? >> well, look if somebody is willing to walk across the desert for 10 days so they can clean our tables and change our linens so they can feed their family in mexico you can't blame a human being for that >> sean: i didn't ask that do you have a problem arresting them? >> absolutely. they are hardworking taxpaying people. >> sean: michelle this is interesting, any civil society has to have a bedrock foundation of the rule of law what francisco is saying that laws that were passed we should ignore them. >> no, that's not the point. the point is -- >> sean: francisco, that was for michelle. >> thank you. i admire this about francisco he has a wonderful way of saying the most outrageous disagreeable things in an
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agreeable way. what he has articulated is the same philosophy of open borders that many mexican officials have long advocated for, from the fox to cal rosen. they believe the territory of mexico extends beyond its borders they don't believe in our border. >> no, they don't. -- immigration coming from the east. >> sean: why would you not want the laws of the united states of america enforced, why? >> of course you want them enforced. but the point is, it is a jobs' matter. >> no you don't. you just said you don't want the law enforced against the poor person coming here to work. you just said that fair play then! you are contradicting yourself francisco. you just said you don't want the law enforced against
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somebody who is just coming here to work, you said it. >> if they are coming to work and we have the jobs and american citizens are not filling them, god bless them. >> that is not part of our immigration law it is not in our constitution it is not how mexico treats its own illegal aliens. until then people should follow the law. >> sean: we got to run, thank you both for being with us. we are out of time there. is plenty more hannity still to come, straight ahead. >> how much of that [ bleep ] deal did you sell to your client? >> sean: carl levin turns into a big potty mouth as he goes after goldman sachs. u.k. prime minister brown caught on an open mic. wait until you hear what had to say. video that proves the answer tphoeupbtd one is stacking his town halls with his own supporters.
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. >> sean: over the past year with the anointed one in the white house we've got to know what it is like for our leaders to treat us with contempt. apparently this is not limited to the united states. earlier today u.k. prime minister brown was caught on an open mic after he this exchange with a voter about her family. >> are they going to university? >> i hope so.
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>> they are only 12 and 10. they are doing school? >> yes. >> good family. >> sean: here's what brown had to say about that interaction as his motorcade pulled away. >> sean: joining me with reaction to this frank luntz. the real gordon brown, the real barack obama, spread the wealth, take away the teleprompter and unscripted moments. is that what he's really like? >> all of us if you put a microphone in front of all of us we would say things we would not wanted to be heard on television or repeated on the radio you think when you
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are the prime minister of britain and you are only 10 days from the election you think you would know better. you think would you realize that every microphone was on. that's when we have fun with politicians. >> sean: i think everybody has to understand we live in a different world today. everybody has a cell phone that can record. everything goes on you youtube. it was interesting the prime minister interviewed by the bbc and radio program. watch him as he has to listen to his own words. watch his reaction, it is pretty funny. >> someone just handed me the tape. >> sean: how is he going to get out of that 10 days before
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the election? >> that will be a perfect picture for an excedrin headache number 6, running for prime minister. you've got another clip coming up about an american politician who absolutely knew exactly what he was saying and did so deliberately. >> sean: you are talking about carl levin. before i get to that i got a cut i want to play. this is barack obama in illinois today, 22 seconds. pay close attention mr. luntz to what he has to say. >> the president: we're not trying to push financial reform, because we begrudge success that is fairly earned. i do think at a certain point you have made enough money, but you know part of the american way is you can keep on making it if you are providing a good product or good service. we don't want people to stop fulfilling the corresponds
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abilities to the financial system to help grow the economy. >> sean: list own to what he said. we don't be grudge success is fairly earned. i do think at some point you have made enough money. wow! >> he's outed himself. i put something together on the huffington post which is maybe strange for viewers to go from this network to the huffington post. but that kind of comment is why so many americans are coming out against this financial services reform legislation. they realize that it isn't just but wall street it is about punishing small financial institutions. it is about punishing average everyday workers and sean, trust me within the next seven days you are going to be hearing the phrase checkbook tax that's what this legislation is about to do to every american who has a checking account, you are going to be paying a checkbook tax if chris dodd and
9:19 pm
barack obama get their way. >> sean: checkbook tax, value added tax, debt commission. they are looking into major tax increases we won't hear about that until after the election. what is interesting about this frank, it with was off script. another joe the plumber moment. at some point you have made enough money that does not coincide with what has made this country great, freedom, liberty, hard work, perseverance and risk and reward it is the anti--- antithesis of capitalism. >> you see a lot of what you would define as working-class and middle class democrats who started to move away from this administration on legislation like this and because of comments like this because >> sean: let's go to send for levin this got a lot of play exchange from one of the goldman guys from yesterday. >> 2/22 is the date of this e-mail. boy that timberwolve was one [ bleep ] deal.
9:20 pm
how much of that [ bleep ] clients, after june 22, 2007? >> mr. chairman, i don't know the answer to that but the price would have reflected levels that he wanted to invest in at the time. >> you didn't tell them you thought it was a [ bleep ] deal? >> i didn't say that. >> who did? your people internally. you knew wait's a [ bleep ] deal and that's what your e-mail shows. >> sean: i would like to one day put every politician in washington and have them explain the bleep deal they've given the american people on the stimulus on their earmarks and wreck less spending. we could do the same to them, couldn't we? >> i couldn't hear what the senator was saying could you repeat that word? >> sean: it starts with s-h.
9:21 pm
you are smart. the american people expect politicians to look them straight in the eye, be honest, forthright and not play politics. the senator wanted to make the by the of the day and because he's on this network, we are playing him now. the problem is instead trying to resolve and hold wall street accountable for the mistakes they are trying to play politics. they just want to get on the evening news. nothing is solved by legislation that is only punitive.h
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>> sean: the american people have come together in recent months to speak out against the radical agenda pursued by president obama and his allies in congress. my next guests have strong evidence that the most controversial aspects are unconstitutional and could be struck down in a court of law. whether it is his health care plan that requires americans to buy insurance or his efforts to circumvent the senate confirmation process by pointing controversial czars or his steps that he's willing to take to push an amnesty bill through. the new book is called blueprint obama's plan to subvert the constitution and build an imperial presidency and the keys to getting it all overturned. authors of the book ken blackwell with us. let's go over the title of the book. obama's plan to subvert the constitution and build an imperial presidency. what do you mean by that ken?
9:27 pm
>> this constitution is the big boulder in the road that prevents barack obama from growing our government at alarming rate, changing our governing philosophy from one of individual liberty to one of collective well-being. which would necessitate growing government and taking -- >> sean: define terms. what do you mean by an imperial presidency? >> he's attempting to shift the power, a very delicate balance of power between the legislature, executive branch and the courts. he's trying to favor in terms of a strong executive. much stronger executive. he's stormizing power inside the beltway, taking power and decision-making from families, from individuals and as a consequence what he's doing is building an unchecked executive. which is by definition an
9:28 pm
imperial president. >> sean: you go into this in great detail. czars, courts, health care bill. talked about the unchecked president. explain how that would result in what ken is describing? >> that is right sean. what is going on with this is that the constitutional is splitting the powers between congress, the president and the courts. >> sean: co-equal branches of government? >> right with each having the check over the other. the constitution doesn't allow the government to order people they have to buy health insurance. it doesn't allow the president to make laws such as cap and trade or card check without going through congress. it doesn't allow the president to run the government out of the white house with czars inted -- instead of people who have to sit -- >> sean: you are saying the president has not upheld his constitution at oath? >> he's going way beyond his constitutional an pow withers
9:29 pm
with assigned to the executive branch. one of the things he's going to try to do is back the courts to interpret his moves as being constitution. he wants to move away from an originalist interpretation of the constitution to an activism from the bench which would say that our constitution is not the supreme law of the land, it is something that is -- that's a hindrance to his power grab. >> sean: you talk about when law making becomes law breaking. the book goes into great specificity about the economy, czars, how health care is unconstitutional. you have all those specifics. you think this can be stopped. i think it can only be stopped through elections, through the ballot box, through victory at the ballot box. you think there's another way? >> there are two ways. it can be stopped by the
9:30 pm
courts. it can be stopped by the ballot box. the reason that we put this out is to say to people and the reason people should buy and read the book f you like making decisions at your kitchen table as opposed to having washington make decisions for you. if you like working through your health challenges with your doctor as opposed to having your health care rationed. you need get to the polls and vote. >> sean: i think we need to return to constitutional government. i think they shredded the constitution especially during the health care debate. i agree with what you wrote about czars. controversial figures unaccountable. this has not been done on this level by any president in history. the question is, how much damage do you think is going to be done? how do we get back the power once he's grabbed it? >> as we talk about in the book, there are things that we can stop in court, if we move in the courts before he has a
9:31 pm
chance to remake the courts in his image. there are things that he cannot do without congress, with which is where the 2010 elections that you have been talking about are so critically important. there are unfortunately, as you say, some things that we discuss in the book that are things that once done, it is lasting damage. those are things that can't be stopped until we 2012 and have an opportunity to retake the white house and go with the new administration. >> sean: they can defund health care but they can't rescind it as long as he's president? i don't think 2010 is where they can override a presidential tomorrow guys, fascinating book, read, thank you, good to see. let not your heart be troubled. when we come back our great, great, great american panel is next. ♪ gecko: uh, you wanted to see me sir?
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fulltime, try it. pp
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>> sean: tonight on our great american panel. she is the capitol hill bureau chief, patricia murphy. democratic campaign consultant doug schoen is with us. he's a new york republican senate candidate jay townsend is with us. you are running against schumer? >> i want to go after the big guy.
9:36 pm
>> sean: finally somebody is stepping up. >> i'm ready to i'm announcing saturday. >> sean: you just announced now. who needs saturday. you have it done. this to me, i just word from my buddy, barack obama earlier today this is one of these joe the plumber moments. i don't think it got picked up by a lot of people yet. look at what he says, right here. >> the president: we're not trying to push financial reform, because we be grudge success that is fairly earned. i do think at a certain point you've made enough money, but you know part of the american way is you can just keep making it if you are providing a good product or good service. we don't want people to stop fulfilling the corresponds abilities of the financial system to help grow the economy. >> sean: spread the wealth around. patriotic duty. the time for profits will come
9:37 pm
but not now. >> sean, we need growth. we need job creation. we need entrepreneurship. that's not a democratic or republican idea that's what america is about. >> sean: i never got a from a poor person. i just never did. >> what he said ultimately reflects a suspicion and skepticism of relate and relate creation that's not helpful. >> sean: there you go. this is why you are slammed as a democrat. what does it reveal about obama's views about redistribution? isn't this a revealing comment? >> it is the first time i've seen it. i think it shows that obama believes and many democrats believe what behind people do there should be some sort of moral component, ethical component, some sort of contribution to society. a lot of people don't feel that way people on wall street don't feel that way. they are there to make money. yesterday those hearings --
9:38 pm
they said the guys -- >> sean: i didn't know making money in america was a bad or evil thing to make money you have to provide goods and services for other people so it is a win-win situation. why are we not as critical against politicians, they have a goal and desire. it seems to use our money to accumulate their power. >> the statement that he just made, underscores the real agenda, i think of president obama and senator schumer and the democrats running the senate. they are intent upon european the united states economy. i've been to europe and i've seen some of those countries. they are very pretty places but they are not like us. >> sean: look at greece and spain right now. let me move on. this bill in arizona. the california state senate leader wants to cut all ties with arizona over the immigration law. san francisco wants a boycott of arizona.
9:39 pm
all this law says to enforce the law that the federal government up to now has been ignoring. >> there are constitutional problems with the law. there are problems when one state doesn't want to do business -- >> sean: what constitutional problem? >> federal immigration law should control not state by state law. rubio, jeb bush and karl rove all agree me. >> sean: i heard their criticisms, i didn't hear the specifics. >> they take my position. >> sean: the bottom line is the federal government has failed in their job of keeping our borders safe. >> that's a different point. >> sean: this is an enforcement law. it seems carefully crafted anticipating the criticism. >> the problem with the idea of boycotting arizona, that's the wrong place to be boycotting. they need to be boycotting the federal government and telling democrats and republicans you need to solve this problem. by boycotting arizona they will be hurting latinos they are trying to help, boycotting
9:40 pm
tourism, a convention, those are all run in a lot of cases bila teen knows. >> sean: i see they were trying to boycott arizona ice tea it is made in new york, not arizona. >> it says something about their i.q., doesn't it? >> sean: among some of the critics. >> arizona is trying to fix what is a federal problem. akin to someone having seen a traffic accident trying to help the victim and everybody is standing around blaming the person who is trying to help the victim instead of calling the ambulance. people in california ought to be calling harry reid and president obama and senator schumer and saying get the immigration bill done. >> sean: if you get pulled over by the police for some other reason and find yourself in law enforcement custody in some way, they are allowed to check your status. what is the big deal with that? >> it is the reasonable suspicion that raises questions about police
9:41 pm
behavior. >> sean: after you have been pulled over. >> the pretext as francisco said before. i think you see the point. >> sean: we have to take a break. time to check in with greta who is in new york, i could throw football and reach her. >> greta: did not know about arizona tea made in new york. tonight we have governor jan brewer going on the record in her first televised interview since all this stuff happened in arizona. boycott called on arizona. los angeles city councilman seeking that boycott. congressman ryan talking about money and are we going broke in the u.s.a.? that and more, three football here. >> sean: the answer is yes, we are going broke. we have to pull our belt tight. we continue more with our great american panel. greta in 19 minutes. as we continue. i'm at the doctor getting my shoulder looked at.
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>> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel. i don't spank my kids, i got a little boy 11, a little girl that's 8. i just take way everything they like. it seems to be effective tool. but, i don't have a problem with corporal punishment. my father hit me with a belt. by the way, i deserved every single time, i deserved it. but the europe is pressing the u.k. to introduce a total ban
9:46 pm
encore patrol punishment of kids. we are going to ban salt, we can't have sugar. we can't -- people can smoke cigarettes or tobacco. we've -- when you got -- when you go to mcdonald's the calorie count. at what point do we say government get out of my life? >> i had firsthand experience like you did i stole lifesavers and my mom smacked me. destroyed myself esteem and ruined my life. >> sean: doug, you were the perfect child. i can't see you doing anything wrong. >> fear of sphafrpb spanking was worse than -- the fear of spanking was worse than any punishment i . if the state wants to regulate health with tobacco and calorie counts that's one thing. to go in the family and tell me that i can't discipline my child. i just think is going too far. >> sean: who is going up to a mcdonald's window -- i like
9:47 pm
mcdonald's and wendy's i don't eat there every night, i like the chili salads, quarter pounders with cheese. who is going to read the calorie count? >> i read 'em. i want to know. did you know that a doughnut has fewer calories than a bagel at dunkin donuts? >> i do know that >> sean: when you get a big mac or quarter pounder with cheese you want to read the calorie count? >> i'm just curious. >> where the government is giving you information. regulating conduct in your home is plan wrong. >> sean: listen, if you want the choice and they want to offer it that's fine. i can't imagine you are the only two people i know that is going through the drive-thru and say excuse me before i order that big mac i want to know how many calories in the meal and how much salt did you put on the french fries.
9:48 pm
>> it is good information. we started talking about was something serious, bringing up kids. sean, you have done a good job as a father, i'd like to think i have too. >> sean: i don't bring junk in my house. my kids don't know i eat mcdonald's. they better not be watching. >> they don't want to use european currency, they don't want europeans telling them how to raise their kids. >> sean: they want to take away the toys out of the happy meals. they think it encourages kids to east mcdonald's. government mind your own business. >> who is paying for this? sean you, me and doug. half the country is not paying because half the country isn't paying income taxes. >> that's what we have to deal with. we haven't gotten to that >> sean: thank you guys. christianity under tack. what's the mainstream media's
9:49 pm
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>> sean: mainstream media's hostility towards christianity is no secret. the book is called losing our beyond the liberal media's attack on christianity. the author s.e. cupp joins me. right there my pwhreurp. i looked at this early on. >> i talked to you about. your >> sean: your father was here when you were on. your father and think is the strangest thing in the world. you write a book defending christianity and you're an atheist? >> i am. doesn't that make me the
9:54 pm
perfect candidate. how objective can i be when i don't have a dog in this fight? >> sean: i don't believe you are an atheist. i think you are more agnostic. do you hold out a possibility that universes within universe majesty of creation? you don't hold out any possibility there's a god? >> today i don't believe there's a god but i'm open to being converted. >> sean: you are not an atheist. >> all right. today i don't believe there's a god today. >> sean: see, i think to be an atheist you have to believe that something can come from nothing. the majesty of creation is so beyond our comprehension. steven hawkins, how many universes within universes, the depths of this you think it happened randomly? >> i don't purport to have the answers i'm not prepared to fill in my gap with knowledge of god just yet. >> sean: you make a great
9:55 pm
upon. liberal media worships hollywood, celebrity, politicians, you say all of this, so worship is okay as long as it is secular. >> as long as it doesn't christ or god. god is like porn they want it on the bottom shelf in a brown bag. they are embarrassed by christianity. it is the faith of 80% of this country. i think we deserve a more responsible, representative press. >> sean: with all the research, you have saofp in in book. why do you think there's -- you have so much in book. you think the media likes it when they can -- when i profess that i believe in god, why do you think that? >> if you are conservative and christian for them it is a double whammy. they can say everyone on the right is a crazy, dangerous, religious fanatic that's their
9:56 pm
bread and butter, fear mongering. liberalism is threatened by fixed value systems like christianity. sean sane mentioned that i believe in god. you say the liberal media likes it, why? i mean most americans believe in god that resonates with the american people. >> i know that it is a bad business model to go after 80% of the country. they do it. they mock christianity, consented to it. and actively attack the faith and values of the majority of this country. it has to stop. >> sean: you mentioned obama people clinging to their guns and religion. he also said america is not a christian nation. he made those comments. you said obama demotes christianity and the liberal media rejoices that struck me. >> it is the first time
9:57 pm
they've had a comrade, an ally in the white house to back up their secular agenda. this guy is very uncomfortable with public worship. he's always elevating eightism to the level of christianity, judaism and islam -- >> sean: it look him a long time to renounce reverend right. he was inspired fortified as he was out on road -- >> liberal media didn't cover that i a comparison between sarah palin pentecostalism and barack obama's black liberallology. sarah palin is the -- black liberation theology is radical, frightening and it is not representative. but the liberal media didn't tell us that story. >> sean: the way you design the book is interesting. you have thou shall not burn fox news in effigy.
9:58 pm
thou shall have double standards on the 10 commands. >> a little tongue-in-cheek a little play on words. it is funny. it is a serious topic. for me in is serious stuff we are going towards armageddon, if you want to put that it way. i'm young, i'm irreverent there's some funny parts. >> sean: you talk about the media has a -- you don't say that it way, you describing that they have their own value, belief system, religion. >> they do. >> sean: you point out some of the hypocrisy. best selling books by ann coulter, sean hannity, others and mention them in the book. they don't get reviewed by the "new york times". >> it is not just a question of do we cover christian issues, which they don't. when we do, do we do it fairly? they don't. it's in movie and music and
9:59 pm
book reviews. again, i don't understand why a publication like the "new york times" would want to ignore that there is this huge population of readers who are reading these books by christian authors. they want to pretend they don't exist. >> sean: i said this in the book if they want a definitive case thank you layout that christians are under attack, this is it. i still do not understand, your father is a strong christian. >> he is born again. >> sean: is it driving him crazy that -- >> i think he's happy at least i'm on his side. >> sean: there's got to be a reason for this. >> maybe, i don't know. all i know is i defend christianity. >> sean: big time. >> i want some of these people gone. i want this to be like the rapture and all that is left of them is their shoes. >> sean: wow, the rapture is here. i love it, losing our religion, thank you. that is all the time we have leftis


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